Infohunt is your all-in-one destination for essential information about events, projects, hobbies, education, and news tailored specifically for young people in your area.

Discover a National Youth Information Portal

Infohunt serves as a comprehensive national youth information portal designed to compile and provide location-specific information about events, projects, hobbies, and educational opportunities. Managed by experts from the Estonian Education and Youth Board, in collaboration with local authorities, Infohunt provides the key to staying informed and engaged.

Join Infohunt, Earn Points, and Win Amazing Prizes!

As an Infohunt user, you have an incredible opportunity to register for events that interest you and participate in thrilling prize hunts. By signing up, getting involved, and providing feedback, you’ll earn points that can lead to fantastic rewards. Choose from avatars to unique local prizes. Make sure to follow the instructions provided with each prize to claim physical rewards, which might involve collecting items from a local youth center or providing your mailing address.

Personalize Your Experience with Avatars

Infohunt introduces an exciting feature: avatars. Use the points you’ve earned to personalize your Infohunt account with a standout avatar. Seize the chance to make your involvement even more special!

The Origin of Infohunt

In 2017, the Estonian Youth Work Centre (now the Estonian Education and Youth Board) proposed collaboration to prevent youth exclusion and enhance the variety, accessibility, and quality of youth opportunities through innovation. Collaborative groups identified gaps in youth information and devised a solution. The result was Infohunt, a digital solution jointly created by collaborative groups. This innovative platform, supported by the ESF program, was launched in 2020.

Information provided by Infohunt is managed by local municipalities together with youth sector service providers in the areas.

Developed with Care

Infohunt’s development is supported by the Estonian Education and Youth Board and the European Social Fund. Activities are funded under the program “Involvement of Youth at Risk of Exclusion and Enhancement of Youth Employment Readiness,” approved by the Minister of Education and Research.

Begin your Infohunt journey today and unlock a world of opportunities tailored to young people like you!